NGC 7000 - North American Nebula


ST-4000XCM, 3900s total exposure 9/13/12 Lake San Antonio, CA

This was our first photograph at Calstar taken with the new camera. It was almost straight overhead, in ideal position, and we gave it more than an hour of exposure. Usually the North American Nebula is imaged with a wide field setup to show its full extent and its position alongside the Pelican Nebula. However there are many fine details that can be seen with higher magnification, such as the small reflection nebula near the top of this image. Visually, this is a challenging object, but a faint glow can be made out.

NGC 7000 - North American Nebula

Imax=1.40 Imax=0.70

SBIG ST-4K, 4200s total exposure 9/25/14 Lake San Antonio, CA

This image shows the 'Mexico' region of the North American nebula, which includes some of the brightest and most interesting structures.

NGC 7000 - North American Nebula

Imax=5 Imax=5 Imax=10 Imax=10

Starshoot DSCI, 101 exposures, 30s each 7/10/10 Adin, CA

This is just a small portion of the North American Nebula in Cygnus. The area shown here is in the 'Southern Mexico' portion. Within each pair, the image on the right uses only the best frames, resulting in crisper stars but reduced signal-to-noise in the nebula.