NGC 2264 and Cone Nebula

Imax=1 Imax=0.50 Nonlinear

SBIG ST-4K, 5400s total exposure 10/4/13 Lake San Antonio, CA

NGC 2264, in the constellation Monoceros, includes an open star cluser known as the Christmas Tree cluster (left and center), a bright reflection nebula (upper-left), a large area of faint emission, and the spectacular Cone Nebula at lower-right. The reflection nebula can be seen visually, but the emission nebula and Cone features are too faint. The distance is approximately 2700 light years.

NGC 2264


ST-4000XCM, 1200s total exposure 4/12/13 Monte Bello Open Space Preserve, CA

First try at Cone Nebula. Conditions were not ideal - thin clouds, light pollution, poor seeing. A really dark sky and many exposures will be needed to see this better.