Imax=20 Imax=40 Imax=80 Imax=160

Starshoot DSCI with 8″ f/6 Newtonian, 47 exposures, 15s each 7/12/10 Adin, CA

We found this well-known elliptical galaxy by accident while searching in the Virgo galaxy cluster. The feature at 4:00 is probably the jet, whose origin is thought to be a black hole near the center of the galaxy.

M87 and NGC4478

Imax=50 Imax=100 Imax=200 Imax=400

Alvium 1800 U-319m with C14 at f/7, 60 x 10s 5/10/24 Palo Alto, CA

A more recent exposure of M87 from our patio. Though monochrome, this version is a bit sharper than the image above, and the jet is a bit more visible. NGC4478 is also visible to the right.