M27 - Dumbbell Nebula

Imax=30 Imax=10

Starshoot DSCI, 18 exposures, 30s each 9/25/08 Lake San Antonio, CA

Visually, we could see only a little bit of structure, and no color.

M27 - Dumbbell Nebula

Imax=15 Imax=4 Imax=2

SBIG ST-4K, 1500s total exposure 9/4/22 Palo Alto, CA

I acquired this image from our patio while testing the Python tracking software. There was a mistake in the shutter control, so that the shutter was closed in between the guiding exposures, so it was only open about 40% of the time. However, the seeing was good that night, so it ended up being the sharpest image I had taken of M27 so far.

M27 - Dumbbell Nebula

Imax=40 Imax=10 Imax=4 Imax=1 Deconvolved

SBIG ST-4K, 1200s total exposure 9/22/22 Lake San Antonio, CA

This was an attempt to improve on previous images of the Dumbbell nubula, but the results were dissapointing, maybe because I waited for it to be too low in the sky. I could get some sharpness increase using a deconvolution filter (right), but the brighter stars acquired unwanted structures.