AE Aurigae / IC 405

Imax=2 Imax=1 Nonlinear

SBIG ST-4K, 3600s total exposure 10/5/13 Lake San Antonio, CA

IC 405, also known as the Flaming Star nebula, contains clouds of dust (blue) and gas (red) that are believed to have been present before the brightest star in the image, AE Aurigae, traveled near it, providing illumination. This is our first decent image of this rather faint object after a couple of tries.

AE Aurigae / IC 405

Imax=5 Imax=10 Imax=100

Starshoot DSCI, 76 exposures, 20s each 10/7/10 Lake San Antonio, CA

This is also known as the Flaming Star nebula. Clearly this is a neat object for a high-end CCD, but it is pushing the sensitivity limits of my imaging setup.